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We’ve been having a bit of fun crafting cats recently and while off school recovering from a nasty bug, all the girls indulged me by making some cat patterns to display on the blog. We’ve not got as far as drawing them as patterns yet, but it may well happen! I think top marks has to go to Amelie on this occasion for her rather fabulous large cat, done across 4 large interconnecting square boards. He reminded me of Top Cat (so we watched a bit of him on You Tube to introduce her to the character she had inadvertently recreated!) and I think he is pretty impressive for a cat who came directly from brain to fingers. She made this one after doing two other cat faces which inspired her to go for something bigger. Cat in a top hat done on a single large square board. Cute kitten face done on a large hexagon board. Fran humoured me with a couple of cats made on the Hama Cat Pegboard. She did a nice job though For a closer look at Maddy’s blue cat, pop over to Simple Crafts and see him. You might enjoy our Cat Crafts Pinterest [...]

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While browsing for inspiration to make my own polymer clay cat the other week, I happened upon this little cutey. It’s hard to improve upon such an adorable, cuddly yet sleek, little kitty cat. I love the finish, the simple design, his pudgy little features and his scrumptious pumpkin. This is from an Etsy store, Helen’s Clay Art. I did have a go at making some cats of my own and the results are over on Simple Crafts. Wizard Cats… no arguing with them! For more inspiration and Cat Crafts, see our Pinterest board.

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A year ago my girls spent a happy afternoon making these banners to decorate the house for Easter – such is life with a small person in the house, I’ve only just got round to blogging them. The template for the eggs was just a Hama Bead Egg board, something we can always find in the house! They drew round them on to felt in various colours and spent a happy day embellishing them with additional pieces of felt (draw some extra eggs, cut them out and then cut them up to make them fit neatly if you want stripes etc), buttons, beads, ribbon and ric-rac gleaned from our haberdashery shop at SimpleCraftShop Once made, we glued them on to long lengths of ribbon and hung them on doors and curtain rails for Easter. While it is fair to say their technique might needs some work (ragged edges etc probably won’t make them a runaway Pinterest hit!) they learned loads about colour, design, embellishing, sewing, patience and neatness along the way. It’s fair to.

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