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  • Special Offer on Midi Hama Beads

    We like to give you something free when we can and this month we've got some extra Hama beads to add to your stash. Spend £35 on Midi Hama Beads and you'll automatically receive 3000 Free Midi Beads with your order in 3 fabulous mixes.


    Offer while stocks last.

    In addition, there is currently 10% off the entire Maxi Hama Bead range, perfect for little siblings who want to join in.

  • Everything you need to know about Hama Beads.

    Hama Beads make patterns using beads on a shaped pegboard. Simply iron the finished design and the resulting creation makes a great play piece or decoration. Midi Hama Beads are the most common size. If you've bought your first pack of Hama on the high street, this is the size you want.


    My First Hama Beads, or Maxi Beads are roughly the size of the end of an adults little finger. They are a chunky plastic Hama Bead suitable for ages 3+ and can be used for patterning on transparent boards which are placed directly over a pattern. We are delighted to have the widest range of Maxi Hama Beads Colours available to buy in the UK and a large range of My First Hama Pegboards & Pattern Books, as well as lots of Maxi Bead Kits, which make great starter sets.


    Midi Hama Beads are the most commonly used size of Hama Bead and are found in many high street toy shops. Suitable for age 5+ they can be used for making play pieces, wall pictures and festive decorations. They are excellent for developing children's motor skills, concentration and creativity. These beads have a wide range of Hama Bead Pegboard Templates, so you can make loads of different designs and pictures and over 60 different Midi Bead Colours to buy in packs of 1000, including glow in the dark and metallic gold.

    Hama Midi Beads have lots of Inspiration Pattern Books to choose from and convenient mixtures of Hama Beads can be bought in large group and bulk packs. There are also lots of boxed Hama Bead Kits to suit every budget, including a wonderful range of Disney Hama Beads characters.


    Mini Hama Beads are a tiny version of Hama Beads most suited to age 10+ and adults. Much smaller than the commonly available version, they are similar in size to a cross stitch and can be used for following stitching patterns. They make excellent scrapbook embellishments and card toppers and can be used for intricate bead patterning. We stock a full range of Mini Beads 2000 Packs in individual colours, plus Inspiration Pattern Books, Hama Bead Ironing Paper and Mini Bead Pegboards and lots of fun Mini Hama Kits.

    At CraftMerrily we aim to have the widest range of Hama Beads available to the UK plus plenty of resources on offer to support your enjoyment of this wonderful craft. We even have exclusive in-house designed kits.

    Our pattern blog BeadMerrily is updated as and when inspiration strikes us! We also have a themed craft blog with additional ideas on it at Simple Crafts. We recommend another popular crafting blog Hama Bead Patterns built by another enthusiast.

    We also regularly update our Pinterest board too.

    Follow Merrily Me's board Hama Beads on Pinterest.

  • Would you like to be part of #TeamMerrily?

    We love seeing and hearing about what our customers think of our products and we're also big fans (and active participants, in parent blogging and using social media to share crafting adventures as adults or with kids. It's such a great way to get inspiration, find like minded people and let people know about great crafts.

    #TeamMerrilyWe're looking for #TeamMerrily Social Media champions to help us promote some of our brands across Twitter, Facebook, G+, blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. You'll receive some goods in a parcel from us and we'll be looking for you to champion our brands as you use them across your preferred networks.

    If you think you might be interested, please drop a line to Merry at Patchofpuddles at gmail dot com (my blogger address) and let me know know what your social media names are, where you blog, your favourite craft materials and the ages and genders of your kids.


  • Welcome to the CraftMerrily Blog!

    I'm no stranger to blogging; in fact, I have far too many blogs, mostly about crafting and sometimes even about business. But we thought we really should have one specially for our brand new website about crafts, since it is the core of our business and has now grown well beyond the two brands which were once all we sold.

    We'll be updating this regularly with news of our many new products and rounding up the posts to support our customers that feature on our other, more brand specific blog platforms and we hope you'll follow along with us.

    For now, why not visit some of our other resource centres though at BeadMerrily for Hama Bead Ideas, Fimo Ideas and Simple Crafts.

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